Product Overview

  • DiaAdmin (Windows)
  • The DiaAdmin Software is the result of a dream. A dream to build a program that would take Diamond administration to a higher level. It took a long time to create. And still daily changes are made and new features are implemented. Because, we believe that the moment a program stops renovating and re-inventing itself, a program slowly dies. The biggest aspects of the program were invented by our clients. Without them, it would not be half of what it is today.

    We, at X.S.S., understand that the Diamond business is not like any other business. We are able, and proud, to say that the DiaAdmin Software is able to keep track of your administration. In every possible aspect. From the simplest purchase to the most complicated sales, the DiaAdmin Software allows you to create entries in a flexible and structured way.

    And, although it seldom happens... sometimes dreams CAN come true.

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