Research & Development

Research and developpement (R&D)

It took two years, and on average 7 programmers, to develop a special Diamond Trading Software that helps the overall administration of EVERY POSSIBLE TRANSACTION within diamond trading. The result? DiaAdminŽ, and happier clients.
XSS invests 2/3 of the company's capital each year in research and development (R&D); with the goal of providing products of superior quality that improve the lives of consumers, at a price that provides value. This resulted in 2004 in the ability to run the software on a terminal server, ensuring the safeguarding of client's data (no more data IN the office), and simplifying global application of the software. R&D also lead the company towards web developpement which resulted in specialized diamond web sites as, and

Developpements planned in 2005

  • Adding Bar-coding software to the application
  • Expanding the existing manufacturing possibilities
  • Adding jewelry module (2005-2006)