Michael Brignola

Michael is the youngest member of the XSS force. After finishing high school in 1999, he enrolled in the Antwerp Business School to get his Masters in Business Studies. Since he wasn't challenged enough, the next year he also started following courses for Computer Science. The following 2 years he went to Ghent to complete his studies there, also running a 3 month internship in a U.S. Govenment Agency. In September 2003 he finally got his degree.

Being introduced in the Diamond Market at age 12 by his grandfather Louis, he has a good insight in the way the diamond industries run. If you add 10 years experience with computers, you get a pretty good combination for his job today. Always eager of implementing new technologies, he keeps the DiaAdmin program up to date.

Most of his time goes to the job, but in his free time Michael enjoys to ride his motorcycle, play baseball and study.