Jan Meeus

At age twelve, Jan and his brother Bert followed a beginner course for programming in "basic". After the third lesson things started to get boring and they decided to switch to the advanced course. A few lessons from the end, they were correcting the teacher. Computer geniuses were born!

Jan is a 30 year old family man. Happily married and father of a beautiful ten year old daughter.
He enjoys motorcycles, going to restaurants, movies and playing billiards, along with his brother, uncles and father.

Jan Meeus is a self made man. He started his career in '95 as technical assistant for Colt International N.V. Combining this job with evening courses to obtain a teacher's degree, he worked himself up to Sales Manager. After receiving his teacher's degree, he continued his career as sales manager for Brakel-Aero N.V. with responsibilities for the French speaking part of Belgium and Luxembourg.

Joining XSS BVBA in January 2004 was a challenge which he accepted with open arms. Working in a "family" business and dealing with a new and innovative product in a strong client relationship market was a dream come true! Putting his teachers degree to work in organizing group lessons for massive client conversions, sales exploded end 2004.