Bert Meeus

Bert Meeus is the Director of X.S.S. BVBA. After he studied Business Economics, he started his career in a completely different sector. He wanted to find out what the job market had to offer, so he went from one place to another, until finally he found something he liked. In only six months he became head of the quality control of a multinational in food packaging. It was in that period that he was contacted by Mr. Glenn Brignola, who had been his friend and neighbour for many years, to come and work for Diampro. It was through him, that Bert got involved in the Diamond Software Market.

When Mr Brignola decided to retire from the Diamond Market, a new company was founded and a new Windows based package was built: DiaAdmin. X.S.S. BVBA was born, ensuring continuous support and service for the best Diamond software. Being convinced that he would succeed in his plan, satisfied clients are the living proof that he made the right decision.

And it is his ultimate goal to make every single one of his clients happy, because he knows that is the only way you can succeed.